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Another Mindless Rip Off
Msi Another-Mindless-Rip-Off.jpg
Released December 05, 2006
Recorded 2006
Label Metropolis Records
Length 37:43
Despierta Los Niños Another Mindless Rip Off Less Than Three

"Another Mindless Rip Off" was a Hot Topic Exclusive EP by Mindless Self Indulgence. The EP featured 5 brand-new tracks and 5 bonus tracks that were "What Do They Know?" remixes, from the 2005 album: You'll Rebel to Anything. "Another Mindless Rip Off" was limited to only 15,000 released copies.

Track listing

  1. My World
  2. Pre-Teen Violence
  3. Frying Pan
  4. Lush
  5. Born to Be Beheaded
  6. What Do They Know? (Mindless Self Indulgence vs. Julien-K & Chester Bennington)
  7. What Do They Know? (Backstabber's Delight mix)
  8. What Do They Know? (Hollowboy Extended Pleasure mix)
  9. What Do They Know? (Maelstrom mix)
  10. What Do They Know? (The Last Word mix)