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"Euringer" is another solo project by Jimmy Urine. He has released one album ("EURINGER"), one remix album ("EURINGEREMIX"), and two singles ("Revenge of the Land of the Long White Cloud", and "Problematic"). This is the most recent project Jimmy Urine has worked on, last releasing anything in 2020. This project is very different to Mindless Self Indulgence's normal electropunk, industrial genre, but is very similar to "Pink", which is Mindless Self Indulgence's most recent album, from 2015 (you can notice quite clearly that Jimmy is drifting away from his "crazy electropunk" style we are all used to, but who knows? Maybe the old Jimmy we all know and love will come back to us someday, don't have your hopes up though).



Year Title Label
2018 EURINGER Metropolis Records
2019 EURINGEREMIX Metropolis Records


Year Title Label
2018 Problematic Metropolis Records
2020 Revenge of the Land of the Long White Cloud Japha